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Heather and Joel arrived in Seattle in 2003, and enrolled two-year old Tamar in a Seattle Hebrew Academy that was still in the process of rebuilding from the Nisqually earthquake: Tamar’s Chickadees class was held in the administrative wing conference room since the rest of the building had yet to be recertified for occupancy!  Since then, Avital, Sam and Ben have also joined the SHA family.  In their fourteen years as SHA parents, Heather and Joel feel fortunate to have witnessed and participated in tremendous growth and transformation both in SHA’s physical facilities and in its organizational and academic achievements.

Heather and Joel together represent the two types of volunteers so critical to the successes of SHA.  Joel has contributed countless hours as a member of the leadership of the school.  Joel served as an SHA Trustee for 10 years, and has also served as SHA’s Treasurer and as President of the Board. 

Heather’s contributions have been more informal but no less important.  Over the years, Heather has organized carpools for all levels of SHA sports; has helped teachers with special projects ranging from sewing siddur covers for chagigat siddur to creating an alef bet book for an EC class; and has organized class gifts for teachers and other small details that help keep school running smoothly.  Heather is probably best known for her efforts in fundraising for the SHA 8th Grade Trip to Israel for Tamar and Avital’s grades, as well as her continued support and advice to other grades in their own Israel Trip fundraising.

Joel and Heather are active in the wider community as well.  Joel is a regular chazzan at Ohr Chadash and BCMH, and has also volunteered as chazzan for High Holiday services at Kline Galland since 2005.  Heather has been Chair of Youth Programs at BCMH for 13 years, and developed two summer camp programs serving the greater Seattle Jewish community, as well as a High Holidays childcare program that has been replicated in other synagogues around the country.

SHA is honored to be “STANDING STRONG” with Joel and Heather in their dedication to service and leadership.

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