About us

At SHA, the rigor that we bring into every discussion and initiative is, simply put; what is best for our students? Not what is expedient and never what would involve the least amount of effort, but rather a commitment to exactitude, distinction and what is most fitting for each and every student. This discipline has led SHA to truly becoming an outstanding school that truly leads the way. We are proud to be mission driven, to be committed to the values of K’vod HaTalmid, student dignity and to be a school that is permeated by both warmth and professionalism. Two of the most critical pieces of our school are our Project SHALom, developed with the University of Washington’s PBIS consultant and our mentoring program that grew out of our just completed three year project with Brandeis University. SHA’s commitment to excellence is apparent in our Timeline of Educational Growth. I invite you to take a look at the impressive story that it tells. These monumental achievements take considerable consistent and constant collective know-how, unswerving devotion and a lot of hard work! This year we brought these projects and initiatives to the students of SHA

o 8th Grade Project & Big 6 Research

o 5th Grade Islandwood Science Camp

o 7th Grade Mt. St. Helens Overnight Expedition

o EC Fellowship for Leadership & Excellence

o Student Led Conferences

o Hall of Maps

o SWIS – Discipline Database for Project SHAlom

o Recalibration of school-wide Science Program

o School-wide Art Initiative

o EC “My Gym” Program

o Refresh of Grade Level Curriculum Maps

o SHAvua Tov!

o Melton Foundations of Jewish Living Course

o Green School Initiative

Our upcoming year holds much promise as we commemorate SHA’s 65th year of “Making History!” Join the Spirit of SHA!

Rivy Poupko Kletenik, Head of School