Portrait of an SHA Student

An SHA student lives and leads with Jewish values.

An SHA student considers the world through multiple perspectives as learned in the full-range of the SHA curriculum.

An SHA student draws on our culture of rigor in study and is engaged equally with Jewish text and prayer, as with the general academics and the world-at-large.

An SHA student is ready, respectful and responsible in relation to themselves, their families, friends and community.

An SHA student feels empathy, acts with kindness and builds community at all times, in all places and with all people; connecting these practices to the fulfillment of the all-encompassing Mitzvah, “and you shall love your friend as yourself.”

An SHA student loves to learn, does their best work and is curious and confident in expressing questions and ideas.

An SHA student is a resilient problem solver, a critical thinker and has the skills to be a digital and global citizen.

An SHA student continually reflects on their relationship with God, engages in Torah study as a sacred spiritual endeavor, and sees Israel, both land and state, as of critical importance to the destiny of the Jewish people.

An SHA student is on a Jewish journey that is our shared promise for a better tomorrow.