Link to 2016 – 2017 Strategic Goals

Seattle Hebrew Academy Strategic Action Plan 2016 – 2017

 Our Core Competency

We are the only Jewish Day School in the greater Seattle area that offers a Modern Orthodox dual curriculum, a 13-year accredited program – Early Childhood through 8th Grade.

 Goal #1  Achieve Academic Excellence

  1. Increase capacity to retain and recruit exceptional faculty
  2. Optimize classroom learning time through meaningful curricular integrations and schedule calibration
  3. Enhance and strengthen the Middle School to ensure graduate preparedness
  4. Define and address Jewish educational outcomes
  5. Empower students through forward-thinking utilization of technology
  6. Establish EC Action Plan

Goal #2  Create a Sustainable Financial Model

  1. Develop sustainable Board structure and practices that will provide needed governance
  2. Increase student retention and enrollment
  3. Deepen engagement with parents and alumni to foster feelings of institutional ownership
  4. Develop school operations and business processes that focus on efficiency, service and fiscal responsibility
  5. Build an operating and capital reserve as part of ongoing budgeting process
  6. Continue to work with the Samis Foundation to ensure a responsible tuition assistance program
  7. Develop a planned giving program

Goal #3  Maximize the Full Potential of SHA Campus

  1. Develop a short-term and long-term facilities plan
  2. Explore ways to leverage the outdoor aspects of our campus
  3. Promote our campus as a community resource

Goal #4 Expand SHA’s Role in the Growth and Cultivation of a Vibrant Modern Orthodox Community

  1. Create partnerships with lay and professional leaders to enhance Modern Orthodox life
  2. Become a leading convener of Modern Orthodox stakeholders
  3. Increase SHA’s visibility throughout the Jewish community