Lower School

Every Seattle Hebrew Academy student is welcomed by name upon arrival in the morning. We honor our students and their capacity for curiosity and learning. The Lower School is the place for joyful learning. Our children are challenged and supported in a stimulating environment created by their teachers who are both gifted and experienced.

Students are encouraged to thrive in an environment rich with possibility. From kindergarten on up children explore exciting science topics in our state of the art science lab. Our young mathematicians develop computational fluency, solve increasingly difficult problems using traditional strategies, hands on investigations, algebraic thinking and apply their math skills to practical situations. With our articulated literacy curriculum our students become confident readers and writers.

In Judaic studies our children are taught the appropriate Tefilah liturgy whether Ashkenazic or Sephardic, study Chumash with Rashi and celebrate the receiving of their own Siddur in First Grade and their own Chumash in Second Grade. Hands on lessons in Judaic studies include the making of tzitzit, Challah and opportunities for Chesed in the community.

The key to the Seattle Hebrew Academy lower school success is attention to the gifts and challenges of each individual student. Learning center specialists and classroom teachers work together to design appropriate learning experiences for each student’s success.