First grade offers a learning environment in which all students have a sense of purpose, independence and the tools for self-discovery. Curriculum covered in first grade includes:

  • Wired for Reading – an approach to literacy that focuses on linguistics and brain research to teach reading, writing and spelling.
  • Literacy circles
  • Independent reading at each student’s appropriate level
  • Handwriting Without Tears
  • Writer’s workshop
  • Math taught through the Math Connects curriculum and supplementary materials
  • Social Studies using an inquiry approach as students learn about the world around them
  • Science taught through weekly visits to the SHA Science Lab.


First Grade Judaic Studies is where students are introduced to the world of TaL Am, our Hebrew Immersion Curriculum. TaL Am is based on the notion that the best learning environment for children is one in which knowledge is acquired through a variety of activities, using each of the five senses. Students will learn Judaic content, and information about holidays, Shabbat, and Parshat Hashavuah, completely in Hebrew. They will also learn vocabulary designed to help them begin to speak, read and write about daily life from the perspective of a child. A highlight of first grade is the Chagigat Siddur, marking the occasion of students receiving their first prayer book.