In third grade, students continue to build on the lessons from first and second grade, as the curriculum is aligned to progress along a developmentally appropriate sequence. The learning goals for third grade include:

  • Reading – increasing fluency and comprehension using informational and fictional texts
  • Literature and Inquiry groups with a focus on goal-setting, collaboration and building comprehension strategies
  • Writer’s workshop , including personal narratives, expository writing pieces, fictional pieces and poetry
  • Handwriting Without Tears
  • Math taught through Math Connects
  • Social Studies – learning the geography of the U.S. and understanding physical, political and cultural characteristics of places in North America, the fifty states and their capitols.
  • Science taught through weekly visits to the SHA science lab.


Students in third grade focus on continuing to build their Hebrew literacy skills through reading, writing, speaking and listening. Students are immersed in a Hebrew language environment, constantly hearing Hebrew and speaking more and more in Hebrew as the year progresses. In Chumash, students continue their study of Lech Lecha, and begin to study VaYera and Chayei Sarah. Students study the Parashat HaShavua, the weekly Torah portion. Students learn about the Chagim (holidays) and other topics relevant to Jewish and Israeli life.