Fourth grade students loop through a second year with Mrs. Anderson. The curriculum increases in complexity and depth, covering:

  • Reading – students track their progress by setting trimester reading goals and completing a monthly book report
  • Literature and Inquiry groups with a focus on goal-setting, collaboration and building comprehension strategies
  • Writer’s workshop , including personal narratives, expository writing pieces, fictional pieces and poetry
  • Math taught through Math Connects
  • Social Studies – learning about Westward Expansion, Geology, land formation and Washington State History
  • Science taught through weekly visits to the SHA science lab.


The TaL Am curriculum for fourth grade continues the study of Chumash, beginning with Parshat Chayei Sarah and moving through the stories of Yitzchak and Ya’akov. Emphasis is on reading fluency and comprehension; students begin to analyze text using Rashi’s commentary. As in previous years, students continue the study of laws and messages of the holidays through TaL Am’s Shana Yehudit program, with the addition of the relevant Mishnayot for each holiday. Fourth grade students also begin the study of Navi, learning selections from Sefer Yeshoshua, the first book of Prophets.