The Kindergarten year is a joyful introduction to the Lower School. Students are supported by their teachers in developing the independence and confidence to face new learning challenges each day. Kindergarten core values reflect spiritual beliefs which guide the daily choices of all in this special classroom community.


Beginning literacy skills are an important part of kindergarten. Students experience a balance of reading, writing, listening and speaking instruction in both English and Hebrew. Types of activities evolve with students’ needs, as they are continuously monitored and assessed.

Writing instruction includes both the Writer’s Workshop approach, and handwriting instruction.

Students approach math through discovery, using manipulatives to develop number sense and analytical skills. Math is a fun time, which often looks like free play, but during which important skills are developed.

Students receive weekly science instruction in the SHA Science Lab.

Hebrew is used throughout the day and is not exclusive to Jewish Studies times. Students learn words relevant to our daily lives and to prayer. Songs, movement, games and drawing enrich this instruction and pave the way to reading and writing in Hebrew. A focus on learning the Hebrew alephbet supports students in the growth of their reading and writing skills.

The goal for Judaic Studies in kindergarten is for students to develop a sense of pride in their Jewish identities. Through brief discussions and practice of daily rituals, students will learn the daily Jewish routine and its importance to our lives. Students will use songs, books, stories and journals to explore concepts in holidays, Shabbat and Parshat Hashavuah. We will explore our connections to the modern and ancient states of Israel as well as our connections to our lives as Jews in America.