Seattle Hebrew Academy

2018-19 Registration and Admissions Schedule


12/6/2017        Email:  Tuition rate announcement letter

12/6/2017        Email:  Invite families to apply for tuition assessment (financial aid)

1/2/2018          Email:  Invite returning 1st – 8th grade families to re-enroll

1/2/2018          US Mail:  Invite returning Eagle families to apply for Kindergarten

1/2/2018          US Mail:  Invite returning EC families to Re-enroll

1/2/2018          US Mail:  Invite current families with new students to apply

1/15/2018        Last day for returning families to apply for tuition assessment

1/31/2018        Last day to confirm re-enrollment via email

1/31/2018        Last day to submit Kindergarten and EC re-enrollments for returning families

2/1/2018          US Mail:  Admission packets mailed out to new families

2/28/2018        Last day for new families to submit enrollment applications

2/29/2018        US Mail:  Kindergarten returning families conditional acceptance letters mailed

(pending final assessment)

2/29/2018        US Mail:  Returning families’ new student acceptance letters mailed

3/15/2018        Email:  Tuition assessment families notified (all families)

3/20/2018        Email:  Tuition contracts issued (returning families)

3/31/2018        US Mail:  New families’ acceptance letters mailed out

4/3/2018          Last day for tuition assessment appeals – returning families

4/4/2018          Email:  Tuition contracts issued (New Families)

4/20/2018        Last day to return signed tuition contracts for returning families

5/1/2018          Last day to return signed tuition contracts for new families