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Dedicate a year, month, week or day of learning. It might be in honor of a birthday of a child, family member or friend. The dedication could mark a Yahrtzeit, the memory of a loved one, or a gift towards a refuah sheleimah, a speedy recovery. Or, consider celebrating a Bar or Bat Mitzvah with Torah learning and tefilah in their honor.

A dedication is an exceptional way to remember a special occasion; commemoration with the study of Torah elevates that milestone and imbues it with holiness while connecting you to the study of Torah and the tefilot of SHA schoolchildren.

Each Parnes Hayom commitment will be noted with veneration both in the building, in classrooms and in print. With each day of learning will come reverence for those who came before us and commitment to those who daily devote their lives to Jewish education and to the eternity of our traditions.

Parnes Hayom Opportunities:

Year: $50,000
Semester: $25,000
Month: $10,000
Week: $5,000
Jewish Holidays: $2,500
Rosh Chodesh: $1,000
Day: $500
Teacher Learning: $250
Morning Tefilah: $100

For more information or to make a Parnes Hayom dedication, please contact our office at 206-323-5750.