Emergency School Closures

Severe weather or a power outage at SHA may necessitate either a delayed opening or possible school closing. We make decisions about whether or not to cancel school with the safety of our staff and students as our highest priority.

Snow Policy
When snow is predicted, we follow the weather closely, checking early in the morning as to the condition of the roads. Because our staff and students are coming from a number of different neighborhoods, we may drive routes to school and/or be in contact with people coming from different parts of town to check the roads. We also check to see what the school districts around us are choosing to do, as they have additional resources at their disposal to assess conditions. In general, we do our best to make a decision by 6:00 a.m.

Notification System
SHA’s Snow and Emergency Information Program, INSTANT ALERT, works by collecting information about a student’s family contacts and your preferred method of receiving information. In the event of an emergency, you and other designated family members will receive communications via telephone, email, cell phone, pager, text messaging, telling you what is happening and what you should do.

Please visit the INSTANT ALERT website at https://instantalert.honeywell.com to “Login” and update your contact information and Alert Notification settings.

New Users:
Please “Register” at https://instantalert.honeywell.com, update your contact information and select your Alert Notification setup. If you do not complete your Alert Settings, the system will send notification to your home telephone number. If you do not have a home telephone, please contact Dave Pruitt at 206.323.7933 ext. 206 directly for assistance.

A snow day decision is usually made by 6 AM.
SHA Snowline: (206) 323-7933 x333
In case of snow or emergency, please also check local radio stations and TV stations for updates.